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An online price comparison portal for financial services
launched in Kazakhstan in 2009. The portal makes it easy to quickly compare and choose the best offers
from Kazakh banks and fintech lenders:
savings deposits, consumer loans, mortgages and auto loans

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Website Visitors
25.7 M

Financial Websites In Kazakhstan

Banking Loans Issued
$45 M

An online consumer finance company launched
in Kazakhstan in 2013. We offer unsecured
personal single payment and installment loans
to any bank card 24/7

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Registered Users
557 758

Value of Issued Loans
27.8 M

Annual Growth Rate in Revenue

A full-service digital agency, established in 2013.
The first official Google Certified Partner in Kazakhstan. Clients are Top100 companies in Kazakhstan

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Ad Campaigns Launched

Websites Launched

Traffic Generated for our Clients
90 M +

A consumer finance company registered as a microfinance organization in Kazakhstan

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An online peer-to-peer microlending service
in Vietnam

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A cross-border marketplace for microloans, powered by blockchain

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Proprietary Technologies Built In-House

Loan Management
Credit Conveyor
Credit Scoring
and Underwriting
Automated Email
and SMS Marketing
Campaign Manager
Debt Collections
PinPong CRM

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